DEBATE WATCH: Here's What Left-Wing Groups are Advising Biden to say During Thursday Night's Debate

"In a vibes-centric political world, the trick to breaking through... is to create clashes on popular issues."

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — “President Biden should confidently stand on his accomplishments, maintaining the most active immigration presidency in recent history,” writes the group known as The Immigration Hub in a memo to "Interested Parties" on "How President Biden Can Win the Debate on Immigration" perhaps the most controversial issue that may come up during Thursday Evening's Trump-Biden Debate.
In just over 24 hours, former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden will appear on the same stage in Atlanta, Georgia – and be face-to-face for the first time in four years to battle in a debate "hosted by" CNN that will be carried by virtually every major news outlet across the nation.

The outlets that televise the CNN Debate will all be required to display the CNN Logo as part of their agreement to be able to carry the confrontation live on their networks.

For weeks, both Biden and Trump have been getting advice from all corners of the political world on just how they should prepare for the battle.

Joe Biden, for example, has been reminded for months not to poo-poo voters’ feelings of distrust when he trys to explain how "unemployment is low," or "growth is strong," or "inflation is temporary and abating."

Such an approach just won’t cut it.

And at least one other group is putting their advice for Joe Biden in writing.

The Progressive Change Campaign Committee has a total of five (5) recommendations listed in a memo entitled "5 Recommendations for Creating 'Moments' in first 2024 Presidential Debate" it has sent to Team Biden – all of which deal largely with having the embattled Mr. Biden discuss his "economic positions and proposals as much as possible."

Some of the Progressive Change Committee’s messaging advice has been taken seriously inside the Biden White House in the past, and among the ideas recommended for Joe Biden to win Thursday evening's debate are to:
  • “Create high drama clashes on popular economic issues.”
  • Highlight Trump’s policy positions by confronting him with his past words, “ask[ing] if he disagrees with himself.”
  • Invoke the need to defend Social Security when discussing the need to tax the wealthy.
  • And, discuss the economy in terms of “items that impact their family budgets, not macroeconomic numbers like GDP.”
Reads the Memo:
"As you know… In a vibes-centric political world, the trick to breaking through on policy is to create clashes on popular issues – creating drama-filled debate moments that are well circulated. (The NY Times recently reported that we call this Fight Theory.)

"This means avoiding placebo zingers that feel good for a day, but leave no long-lasting impression."

What they are suggesting is not out of keeping with how Biden presented his last State of the Union speech – or how Trump might be baited to engage with Mr. Biden by responsing to such tactics during the debate.
  But it’s notable, nonetheless, how those on the left are advising President Biden and his Camp David-based debate prep team to contend with the controversial issues which polls have long shown he trails Mr. Trump – particularly in order to try and gain advantage on the economic or border & illegal immigration issues – when public opinions on those and other far-ranging controversies remain so dismal for Democrats.

When speaking of the contoversial Biden policy issues, its how many on the Democrat-Left say they want the incumbent to try and carry the much-anticipated debate.