ERINAKES: The Power of Words & Money in Tuesday's Special Election for Texas House District 2

After telling news media he took no contributions from a disgraced PAC, Mr. Money's campaign Finance Report shows he took $35,000

By David Erinakes

AUSTIN, Texas (Texas Insider Report) — Rush Limbaugh once said:
"We live in a time when many politicians utter words that are meant to beguile and fool, not communicate properly.

“One of my earliest philosophical pronouncements from the earliest days of this program is: ‘Words mean things.’

Words do have meaning – more so now than ever – especially with the rise of today's Social Media and its influence on our lives. And these days, when writing an opinion article such as this, it becomes apparent that the playing field has changed substantially over the last decade. No longer is the debate a contrast of ideas or policies, but rather – instead of the voice of the candidate or elected official – its the voice of surrogates or out of district "special interests," which have their own opinions.

And they most often suggest "purity" tests that have nothing to do with any local, traditional, conservative or liberal norms.

They use special code-like terms to change the meaning of what "liberal" and "conservative" means in today political environment. And often they create new words or phrases like "RINO" (Republican in Name Only) that seek to demean those who don’t meet their definitions of what the group wants.
So why are these groups successful? Why are they willing to misinform and misrepresent – literally sometimes even lie – to win elections?

Its because these groups are often awash with funds, they are run or directed by campaign consultants who benefit off their large expenditures of campaign funds, and because the candidates themselves desperately need their money to compete or be re-elected.

These questions seems to apply to the Special Election for the State Legislature's House District 2 Seat (HD2) vacated by expelled and disgraced former legislator Brian Slaton.

Funds from the same groups or individuals that funded Mr. Slaton are now pouring into the Hunt County Candidate's coffers – and he himself thinks its no big deal but that money is tainted. Its clear that the funds will be used to fund what can only be said are mistruths and outright "misinformation" (one of the Democrat's favorite terms,) and hide information vital to House District 2's voters.

According to the Van Zandt County Candidate;

Research suggests that both Tim Dunn, a very strong Pro-Life supporter, and Defend Texas Liberty have bankrolled a slew of eyebrow-raising candidates.
"Dunn gave $275,000, and Defend Texas Liberty $160,000, to disgraced former state legislator Bryan Slaton (R.) who was unanimously expelled from the Texas House in May after he admitted to having sex with an inebriated 19-year-old intern."

Did Mr. Dunn even know how his money was spent, or did a propped-up group (or individuals) that was not vetted, influence his decision?

As tensions rise ahead of next Tuesday's January 30th Special Runoff Election for HD2, the question arises – who is funding the race?

Deeply concerning are the Hunt County Candidate's alleged contributions from people he has done business with – that are and have been helping to buy U.S. farmland for the Chinese. According to the opponents campaign, the Hunt County Candidate also took large contributions from three developers who have been selling property to a Beijing, China-based Company.

As Kari Lake said:
"We need to be collecting back that land, not promoting the sale!!"

Also, according to the Dutton Campaign,
“Money, however, has real campaign donation problems.

"After telling news media he took NO contributions from a disgraced PAC – Defend Texas Liberty – Mr. Money's campaign Finance Report reveals he did take a $35,000 contribution from the group. It is his largest donation so far in the race.

"Mr. Money kept the funds, even after the PAC was caught meeting with Neo-Nazis – and after many other Republicans donated or returned the funds.”

Here is what Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick recently said of the Out-of-District group's trying to infiltrate and influence Texas Republican political decisions – which now includes selling the voters of HD 2 a bill of goods:
“Recently I condemned Nick Fuentes – an avowed anti-Semite – when I learned he had met with the president of the Defend Texas Liberty PAC (DTL)... I have also learned there are other so-called Republicans who share these hateful beliefs and are trying to spread their anti-Semitic views within the GOP.
“Let me put this as clearly as I can – if you are anti-Semitic, if you admire Hitler and don’t believe the Holocaust happened in Europe, and if you hate Jews, you are NOT a Republican and you are not welcome in our party," said Patrick

So if all of this is documented, why would Ted Cruz, Attorney General Paxton, and Governor Abbott endorse this candidate?

And how could you explain to former President Trump that you endorsed a "Never Trump" candidate who has recently called our Governor "worthless and spineless,"and is backed by this type of funding?

Is it because, as some of their staff has suggested, that they themselves didn’t personally vet this candidate (and many others,) but instead relied on the very same sources that gave all of this funding?

Are staff and these groups making decisions for our elected leaders without their knowledge?

That will be for another article – but if they are then it could easily cause the wrong people to be elected.

Until someone looks Senator Cruz or Governor Abbott in the eye and they publically answer the questions (their offices have not commented on the record, despite numerous requests for a statement – nor has Ken Paxton’s,) how can we consider any other answer??

The bottom line is, Republicans need to disavow this type of funding, review endorsements with people actually living in the district, and ask themselves as in the HD2 situation:

  1. Why have all the Local Elected Leaders endorsed the Van Zandt candidate?
  2. Is it because their funding comes locally, and these out-of-district special interest groups aren’t providing funding?
Is it time for Republicans to redirect their efforts toward Democrats, and stop trying to destroy their own party's primary opponents who don’t meet their self-serving and subjective "purity" tests.

As in this HD 2 Special Election Race, there are consequences for electing the wrong candidate – as was previously the case with Brian Slaton.

Based on direction from these outside groups, Slaton opposed the Republican Speaker of the Texas House after he was nominated to that post by the House Republican Caucus, and then, against the rules of the House Republican Caucus, did so during the Floor Vote just to make sure he was "pure." After he did, he got nothing but continued out-of-district funding, had no influence within the House body he was serving in, and was unable to pass any legislation that would have benefited and been in the interest of the district he represented.

Does the district want or expect more of that in the future from their next Representative, or do they want to elect someone who is listening to the people of their Texas House District that has the ability to get the district's desired work done?

HD2 has two upcoming chances:
  1. next Tuesday's January 30th Special Election, as well as a few weeks later
  2. the March 5th Texas Republican Primary
  • ​​​​​​​BOTH Candidates are running in BOTH Elections
Will the voters in HD@ get the right information at the right time, or will the voice of big money from outsie the district drown out local words and endorsements that have meaning?

If we hear back from Senator Cruz, Attorney General Paxton, Brent Money or Governor Abbott that any of the information contained herein is wrong or inaccurate – or if they just want to give us their take – we will be happy to hear and print it, as long as it comes from them and not a special interest group or their staff.

David Erinakes formerly worked in the Texas Legislature, and is currently Chief Executive Officer of The E Development Companies.