'If the Voters that We KNOW are Still Out There Actually Show Up ON Election Day, President Trump has 4 More Years,” says Stepien

Forecasts for Trump turnout on Election Day points to promising trends in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona & Nevada

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — “It’s pretty simple – if the voters that we KNOW are still out there for Election Day actually show up ON Election Day, then President Trump has four more years,” said Trump's Campaign Manager Bill Stepien on Monday. 

“For instance, we have nearly 2 million voters left” to cast their ballots in Michigan, Stepien said.
While there's been plenty of bluster from pollsters, pundits and various elected officials about what Americans should expect on Election Day,
“President Trump has the momentum, and the math in this race available to him to win on Election Day,” Stepien said.
Stepien believes, and new registration data in many states confirms, that Democrats’ historical advantage in early voting has dwindled in numerous key-swing states this year –  meaning the number of newly registered Republicans who haven’t voted yet will give President Trump an edge if they show up at the polls Tuesday.

His comments came as the president – on a final 4-State Campaign Blitz that included at least 5 rally events – urged Republicans to go to the polls in a “red wave” Tuesday.
  • In Florida, Trump has “a projected Election Day votes cast margin of over 500,000 net votes,” said Stipien.
    • Democrats’ advantage in Absentee Ballots there has fallen to just 1% – less than in 2016 when Trump won the state.
  • In Michigan, where Mr. Trump will hold his final campaign rally Monday night, the campaign projects an Election Day votes-cast advantage of more than 400,000.
    • Trump needs an Election Day margin of 350,000 votes in Michigan to win the state he carried four years ago.
  • In Nevada, the president is projected to receive 50,000 more net votes cast on Election Day than Democrat Joe Biden.
  • In Arizona, where the latest Rasmussen Reports Poll shows Trump leading 48% to 45%, the Democrats’ advantage in people who have voted so far is a slim 1.2%.
    • Four years ago when Trump won Arizona, the gap favoring Democrats was 2.5%.
  • In Wisconsin, the president is projected to receive an Election Day net margin of more than 100,000 votes. cast
    • Democrat's 2016 partisan advantage of 9.6% in Wisconsin's electoral makeup has fallen to 5.9% today, Stepien said.
In Rasmussen's Monday, November 2nd Daily Presidential Tracking Poll of 1,500 "Likely Voters" released earlier today, 52% now say they approve of President Trump’s job performance, while 47% disapprove.
Will Republicans win the White House on Election Day? Will Republican's Tuesday turnout beat Democrat's slight Early Voting lead?
According to President Trump's campaign manager, the forecasts for Trump's Election Day turnout certainly points to promising trends in Florida, Michigan, Wisconsin, Arizona & Nevada.