DEBATE WATCH: A CNN Host Wrecks a Dem Senator's Pro-Biden Narrative – on Live TV

Trump shouldn’t take any baiting, should let the old man talk, and then quietly, professionally & presidentially gut Biden with a death-by-a-thousand-cuts
By Matt Vespa

Unlike Jake Tapper and Kasie Hunt, Sara Sidner decided not to toe the Democrat Party line – at least for this segment – when she threw some brutal poll figures at Democrat Sen. Amy Klobuchar during an interview yesterday. Joe Biden was far behind former President Donald Trump on all the key issues, she said – from handling the economy to immigration, Trump is besting Joe Biden. And these aren’t conservative-leaning polls; Marquette and Quinnipiac have Trump with a 12- and 21-point "trust" advantages on getting our economy rolling again.
The CNN host pointed out the elephant in the room: Biden isn’t in good shape in these surveys – and this debate could be make-or-break territory for the president.

All Ms. Klobuchar could do is cite some phantom poll where she claims Biden is gaining ground, but with whom? Are there any specifics regarding swing states because Trump is dominating Biden there, too? 

Klobuchar rattled off a list of accomplishments that mean next to nothing for working families.

The top domestic item she mentioned was some inside-the-beltway legislation that made it easier to break up monopolies. How does that curb the runaway inflation forcing American families to donate kidneys to pay for trips to the grocery store?

Trump already set in motion a plan to reduce the cost of drugs, specifically insulin – and Amy totally fumbled on immigration: she admitted that Biden had the power to issue Executive Orders on the matter.

He already issued one, ma’am – an ineffective benchmark to shut things down once 2,500 encounters at the port of entry are logged.

Instead, she blames Republicans in Congress for inaction. You don’t need congressional approval for the things that could regain operational control of the border. 
  When Trump was running the show, Small Business and Consumer Confidence hit historic highs.

That’s no longer the case with senility engulfing the White House.

And also, Biden is not “leaning in” – as evidenced by his lengthy stay at Camp David, where he’s practicing standing for 90 minutes.

He’s not expected to return to the White House before Thursday night’s debate. He’s not leading – and never has been.

If Amy Klobuchar, who has more brain activity than Biden, can’t defend or even point to a legislative accomplishment that’s benefitted working Americans, you know this presidency is on life support.

Expect Biden to be more ad hominem – like his State of the Union – and Trump shouldn’t take the bait. Let the old man talk, and then quietly, professionally, and presidentially gut Biden with a death-by-a-thousand-cuts-like takedown.

Trump is smart. He can and should go line-by-line into how Biden hasn’t done much for the past four years – which is an extension of the man’s entire career in public life.

Matt Vespa is Senior Editor at He previously worked for and was the recipient of Americans for Prosperity Foundation's 2013 Andrew Breitbart Award for Excellence in Online Activism and Investigative Reporting.