Half of All New Jobs Created Since October Have Gone to Immigrants, says Committee Report

"The job growth numbers under Biden are misleading," Cong. Jodey Arrington said.

WASHINGTON, D.C. (Texas Insider Report) — As large cities across the country have been over-run with illegal immigrants settling into their jurisdictions after being caught and released under Joe Biden's "secure border" policies – and quickly becoming dependent on State or Federal Welfare Programs – Democrats have long pled for the millions of migrants to find a job and join the U.S. workforce.

And after the Labor Department released the latest employment data for May on Friday morning showing that 272,000 jobs were added during the month – following a disappointing increase of just 97,000 new jobs in April – Democrats and the media cheered the job figures release, saying the increase showed "job growth" as proof that "Bidenomics" is working.

But the overall "Labor Participation Rate" ticked downward, and the unemployment rate ticked up to an even 4.0%.

Republicans, on the other hand, said the May employment numbers show a troubling level of slippage for some key sectors of the U.S. population – most notably among certain income levels of the American population who have been suffering through years-long concerns over family finances and the prospects of facing an uncertain, inflationary-prone future for the U.S. economy.
  Now comes a report from the U.S. House of Representatives' Budget Committee that shows roughly half of all new jobs created in the U.S. since October have gone to immigrants – many of whom are illegal immigrants, according to the analysis.
“Furthermore, nearly half of all job growth since October can be attributed to various immigrant groups, including illegal immigrants, showing a far weaker economy than suggested,” the GOP-led Budget Committee said.

The foreign-born population filled 840,000 new jobs from November to now, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The role of migrants – both legal and illegal – in the labor force looms large in the political debate.

Said House Budget Committee Chairman Jodey Arrington (right, R-TX) following this morning's May Jobs Report release:

"In May, the unemployment rate grew to 4% and the labor participation rate dropped again, setting us even further back from pre-pandemic levels.

"President Biden's policies have failed miserably to stabilize and grow the economy, and disincentivized Americans from entering the workforce.

"Furthermore, the job growth numbers under Biden are misleading," Cong. Arrington said.

Many economists say an upsurge in migrant labor is good for the overall U.S. economy, boosting total productivity and raising the country’s Gross Domestic Product. It’s not so good for the average worker – particularly for those who end up having to compete with the illegals.

Those are generally less-educated Americans – on the lower-income rungs that Democrat's typically say they represent and are fighting for.
There have been a total of 1,529,502 illegal immigrant encounters at our Southwest border since October 2023 alone.

Due to Mr. Biden’s controversial border policies, jobs are being taken over by those crossing his wide-open borders, and the House Budget Committee is sounding the alarm on the dire economic indicators flashing under the current Administration, which illustrate the failure of its fiscal policies.
  • The index measures both Americans’ assessment of current economic conditions, and their outlook for the next six months.
  • It also reflects the prevailing business conditions, and likely developments for the months ahead.
Both House Budget Committee members – and the nation's taxpayers – are deeply concerned by the troubling trends in consumer confidence, stubbornly high inflation, and sluggish GDP growth, signaling a clear uncertainty about the economic stewardship of the country.