SCHLICTER: Think the GOP Has Problems – Meet The Democrats! ​​​​​​​Advantage, Republicans

Joe Biden was an idiot before he became a senile idiot, and Democrats have to figure it out
By Kurt Schlichter
There should be a German word for what the Democrats are experiencing right now. How about JewHatingJerksAndSadLibs? Germans come up with a word for every bizarre confluence of feelings and emotions, like schadenfreude – the shameful joy at others’ pain. That’s what we Republicans are experiencing regarding the Democrats right now, except there’s nothing shameful about our delight at their misfortune. We’re enjoying it.

Sure, we Republicans have our issues. Our party is changing in real time. You look at the Republican coalition of 30 years ago – or even 20 years ago – and it was completely different than today. On the economy side, we now have populists. On the foreign-policy side, we’re not all hawks anymore. Some of those on our side make the old-time hippie peaceniks look like Lieutenant Colonel Kilgore. And there’s tension and change. You’ve got Donald Trump and Ron DeSantis as the faces of the new Republican Party, and we have Nikki Haley and Mike Pence as the faces of 2004.

The chaos is not surprising, because in a constitutional system like ours, both parties have an interest in building and maintaining a coalition that reaches 50% plus one of the electorate, but that necessitates strange bedfellows.
But there are no bedfellows stranger than the freakshow types that make up the Democrat coalition.

Do you think the Republicans have problems with the hardcores battling the squishes? The Democrats have an even bigger challenge.

Half of their party wants to murder the other half.

When a huge portion of your electorate is genocide-curious toward another huge portion of your electorate, you’ve got real problems. The Dem party leader has to walk a tightrope. The problem is, Dem party leader Joe Biden can barely walk a sidewalk. He’s got to balance these two different groups, the Palesimpians who never met a terrorist they didn’t like or Jew they didn’t want to see murdered, and the regular Democrats, who have gotten pretty leftist themselves, but aren’t willing to take the leap into embracing a new Holocaust.
And make no mistake, a new Holocaust is exactly what the wokesters are talking about when they chant “From the river to the sea.” The party will try to obfuscate the issue if it can, because it might splinter their party.

This is a huge problem for Democrats going into an election year. As I have observed before, a lot of them say they would rather die than vote for Trump, and next year, they may have the opportunity to prove it. 

On the other hand, "Coalition" shifts over time are not necessarily a bad thing.

The old Republican Party became stale, ineffective and impotent, and that old faction still finds its voice in publications like the Bulwark, whose staffers are stale, ineffective, and impotent. First the Tea Party, then the populist movement, brought new energy and vitality into the GOP while maintaining some common ground. We all liked America. We all liked capitalism, though the old-school Republicans seem to like the corporate crony kind of capitalism, while the new Republicans like capitalist capitalism, but it still provides a big contrast with the Democrats, who want to re-distribute the wealth to their constituents. 

Change can be good, and the current changes may be good. Whether they are good or not, though, they are happening. The Republican Party is in flux. You can’t imagine a JD Vance or a Josh Hawley 20 years ago. 

For the Republicans, this is just normal political change. Parties evolve over time to meet the needs of their constituents. They change or go away.

But the Democrats face a different issue – and its an existential one. It’s very hard to have a coalition that includes factions that want to murder other factions of your party.

Progressive Jewish Democrats have been an important component of the Democrats for a century. Now, the woke left faction has decided that it is going to center its intersectionality around the elimination of the Jews. And they don’t even really try to hide it. They deny antisemitism, and then swing right into it. With them, it’s not even a dogwhistle. It’s a bullhorn.

The party is so scared of splintering it could not even summon up a majority of Dems willing to censure the loathsome Rashida Tlaib, whose name in Arabic apparently means “Himmler.”
And they have the worst possible people in charge trying to deal with this crisis. Joe Biden was an idiot before he became a senile idiot, and he’s got to figure out this balancing act.

That’s why you get nonsense from him in response to one faction calling for a ceasefire so Hamas can regroup to kill more Jews, and another faction that doesn’t want a ceasefire so Israel can kill more terrorists.

He tries to sidestep the conundrum. Instead of a ceasefire, he’s babbling about a “pause.” A pause is apparently different from a ceasefire because in a ceasefire, you cease firing, and in a pause, you… cease firing. 

He's hopeless.

With a recent poll showing that Donald Trump is trouncing Biden in a lot of battleground states – 2024 could be the guy who cannot win versus the guy who is certain to lose – we are going to see a lot more pressure on Biden to drop out.

We’ve already seen David Axelrod on Twitter trying to convince him to quit. This is a real problem for the Democrats. Most won’t vote for a Republican, but a lot of them will stay home. And a leftist who sits out the election on his mom’s futon instead of voting for Biden is effectively a vote for the Republican, be he Trump or DeSantis, or… well, it’ll either be Trump or DeSantis.

And what happens if Biden somehow gets convinced to drop out, which is unimaginable, considering his ego and the Real Actual Doctor’s love of being FLOTUS? But let’s assume he does. Which faction gets the brass ring? Is it the Palesimpian faction, of which Kamala is a charter member – her mutant stepdaughter is out there raising money for these psychopaths. Is it Gavin Newsom, who couldn’t find Palestine on the map even if Palestine actually was on a map? 

Yeah, we Republicans have our problems, but I wouldn’t trade them for the Democrats’ problems for anything. On our side, you have Trump bestowing dumb nicknames and his foot-fetish minions babbling about Ron DeSantis’s boots.

On the other side, you’ve got folks who think “Schindler’s List” is a comedy.

Advantage, Republicans.

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